What is the difference between Health History and Daily Tracking Surveys?

Health History and Daily Tracking are the two ways we ask about health information in Genes for Good. Health History Surveys focus, for example, on lifelong health, such as whether you've ever had cancer or a heart attack. All Daily Tracking Surveys are meant to be completed routinely - every day, several times per week, or however often you can spare a few minutes.

I completed a survey, why haven't I received my kit?

In order to become eligible for a kit you must complete a minimum of 15 Health History surveys and 20 Daily tracking surveys. You can check the progress of your eligibility on the Genes for Good homepage at Once the minimum is satisfied, the progress bar will appear at 100%.

Do I have to do the Daily Tracking Surveys every day?

Although we would appreciate it if you fill out the Daily Tracking Surveys every day, you don't have to. You can also do the surveys in larger intervals, for example, two times per week.