The Facebook App

Why Facebook?

Participants interact with the study primarily through the Facebook App. We use Facebook because of its vast existing social network. If someone likes Genes for Good, they can tell their (Facebook) friends. Using Facebook will allow the study to grow both quickly and optimally - through word of mouth.

How does Genes for Good keep my information secure?

The App is securely housed at the University of Michigan and we go to great lengths to keep participant information secure. Even though the App is available through Facebook, Facebook cannot see any participant information. Participant identifying information (name, email, address, and so on) is not directly linked to any of the health information they provide. Instead, it's stored in a separate location linked only by a random key.

Can I see the App without joining the study?

Short answer: not yet. We're working to create a demo version of the App for people who want to explore it before joining the study. Please note that you can join the study now, look at the App, and - if you don't like it - withdraw. Participation is totally voluntary and you're free to leave whenever you'd like.